Fleezy SkyWalker brings revolution through beats that touch the soul. Raised by a single mother and grandmother, schooled by the streets, he learned to be a Man 1st, knowing that karma will give you just what you gave. Living off their prayers, he made his way in a neighborhood blighted by death and destruction because he had a purpose. His skill on the mic carved a niche for him and helped him chart new territory in the gritty reality of one of Indiana’s most dangerous neighborhoods. His ability to freestyle on the spot and kill it helped him to live in a higher rim of life with a lofty vision. He delivers a message that hits like a gunshot, direct in a lyrical style that haunts us with truth and beats that echo through the psyche and into the recesses of the mind. A kaleidoscope of sound and image fused in truth, Fleezy SkyWalker delivers a powerful message that paints an image of troubled times, social injustice and overcoming the odds.

Influenced by artists like Pimp C, of the group UGK , Too-Short and NWAFleezy SkyWalker's sound blended styles. In the streets, life is precious, balancing the ethics and morals against reality, the black and the white into a grey zone, bringing a gift of subjects for the melodious story-telling showcased in hip hop beats. The stories are real, emotion raw. Radio stations cannot get enough of the fresh kid from Gary, Indiana.


Listening to his heart, Fleezy SkyWalker pursued a music career, but wisdom taught him that raw talent is never enough, so he attended “Full Sail University” in Orlando, Florida to learn the technical side of music. An audio engineering education empowered him to take his empire to a higher level. A tour of 95 cities slammed him into venue after venue and taught him the tour business. His art and his business acumen solidified. Street smart was not enough to survive the industry, so he educated himself. Fame and success in the overseas market fueled his hunger to break through the tightly controlled U.S. market with beats, products, gear and fashion. Success brought a need to create more, to be more. Establishing a recording studio in Southern California, he challenged himself to create for others as well as himself. More than sound, more than a look or a belief, the hip hop lifestyle is a strong influence on youth and Fleezy SkyWalker is determined to make his brand a positive impact in a troubled society. He believes that music with merit stands the test of time. His sound is a fusion of style, tempo and cadence in a very unique and personal statement of his truth. He tells stories, igniting a flame that is leading the Internet passion for Fleezy SkyWalker. America has spoken. The Fleezy SkyWalker brand defies category, forming a genre of its own.

“My musical philosophy is that regardless of genre, great music should always deliver, giving each listener a personal gift regardless of demographic or belief”, says Fleezy SkyWalker. “Man 1st”, “Catching Blessings” and “PlayNWitChaMind” showcase his brand and satiate listeners with his gift.